Cheerleading Director

Sydny Brandon
Hey everyone! I am Sydny Brandon. I am coaching the 9+ sideline and competitive cheer team I am also the WilcoRaptors Cheer Director! I am currently a senior at Middle Tennessee State University and I am studying Elementary Education. Keeping kids active, healthy, and (most importantly) happy, is something that I am very passionate about! Through cheer I want to be able to build the confidence of anyone on our team while we cheer on our Raptors together and represent Williamson County while preforming. Spreading love and kindness is what I do best and I canā€™t wait to meet you all this season! šŸ’™šŸ§”Go RaptorsšŸ§”


Cheer Director Responsibilities

The Cheerleading Director is responsible for the recruiting and training of the Assistant and all coaches. The Director will ensure that Williamson County Raptors coaching rules are enforced and maintained by all coaches and cheerleaders.

TheĀ Cheerleading DirectorĀ is responsible for the coordinating and planning of allĀ cheerleading requirements for community events. Additionally, the Director will ensure all requirements are met and completed for cheerleaders prior to the athlete participating in any events, practices, and/or games.

Any complaints, disciplinary actions, or any other issue regarding cheerleadersĀ and/ or coaches will be addressed to the Cheerleading Director, if the issue cannot be resolved by the Director, it will then be presented to the League Director.

The Williamson County Cheerleading Director is mandated to attend the annual TYSA meeting in March of each year.Ā 

The Cheerleading Director oversees and is responsible for the following members and athletes:

Assistant Cheerleader Director
Cheerleading Coaches
Cheerleading Parents