League Director

Joshua Houle

I moved here with my family in 2020. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters. All of my children have been heavily involved in sports. Football and cheerleading being our passion. I played football and soccer as a younger athlete, coached youth football, and have served on the board of our community sports program in Florida. I believe that a coach leaves a permanent stamp on an athletes life. At the Raptors we believe every child athlete with a passion for the ball deserves a chance! I am excited to coach our community youth, and run a successful athletic program!

Go Raptors!

The League Director is responsible for establishing relationships with chosen affiliated league members, maintain said relationships during the football season. Any and all reports of misconduct must be addressed with the head director. Overseeing all board members, making sure board members are executing their responsibilities and following Williamson County Rules and Regulations.