Rules and Regulations

Williamson County Raptors Rules And Regulations/Code of Behavior

Our commitment

Our commitment as a youth football organization is to provide children from the ages of 5-12yrs of age a safe and fun experience they will remember for a lifetime. In doing so we have set forth the following rules for all parents, players, and their coaches. 

Aggressive, threatening or other inappropriate behavior by members, their families, their friends, and other sporting personnel while attending a game or event will not be tolerated.

  • Use of foul language
  • Harassing or ridiculing players, coaches, officials or other spectators, all parents and coaches must be respectful toward referee decisions at all times. If a parent or coach feels as though a referee is showing repetitive bias, or unjust calls, the coach or parent must voice their concern to the sitting football director and or director via email, the concern will then be addressed accordingly with the standing board members and a follow up email will be sent. 
  • Making racist, religious, sexist or other inappropriate comments to players, coaches, officials or other spectators
  • Any threatening behavior or physical altercation between spectators and players, coaches, officials or other spectators
  • Putting undue pressure on children, berating them or putting them down.
  • Drinking at a game or being drunk at an event.
  • No encouragement of verbal or physical violence toward the opposing team by coaches or parents will be tolerated at any time. 

  • There is a zero tolerance for gossiping, negativity, or disrespect from parents or players. Any concerns must addressed with the league president and or football director directly. If the parent or player concern is not addressed accordingly, an email will be sent. If the issue continues without resolution a meeting will be held and it could result in a parent and or athlete suspension of games and or practice. If a negative or aggressive comment is made toward another athlete by a parent, a meeting will be held and potential suspension from games and or practices could occur. 
  • Each player is allotted a quarter (10-12 plays) per game per season. It is the coaches responsibility to make sure each player is allotted their time during each game while maintaining a play check sheet that is required to be turned in after each game. There will be an exception to the allotted play rule. The exceptions are as follows: Disciplinary behavior such as missed practices, crying or unwillingness to participate in the game. Disrespect toward coaches and or teammates, or opposing teams. 

What we will do

  • We will enforce parents and other sporting personnel with the signed TYSA Code of Conduct and make clear what is expected and the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Any above-mentioned misconduct by coaches and or parents will be addressed with a warning, by the 3rd warning the offending coach or parent shall be removed from the field and the board will then meet to discuss suspension and return of the offender. 
    • We encourage our players, coaches, officials and spectators to call the police if they are concerned about escalating behavior and their safety or the safety of others.
    • For conflict-of-interest purposes, if a concern is presented by a board member who is a parent of a player, or a board member who is a coach, the concern will be addressed with our head director and will then be discussed with our executive board only. 

    What we ask you to do

    • We encourage our players, coaches, officials and spectators to call the police if they are concerned about escalating behavior and their safety or the safety of others.
    • Help create a positive atmosphere for players, officials and other spectators by showing respect for players, officials and other spectators.
    • Abide by our organizations code of behavior and the signed TYSA code of conduct, refrain from using bad language, harassing or ridiculing others or behaving in a threatening or violent manner.
    • If you are aware of inappropriate spectator behavior, please approach a board member and ask for their assistance.
    • Call the police or approach a board member if you are concerned for your safety or the safety of others.
    • Any parent complaints regarding coaches will need to be addressed via email with our standing football director. If the matter is an immediate concern, it is to be addressed right away with our standing football director, or an available board member. The concern will then be presented to the board for discussion. 
    • During the football and cheer season each athlete must maintain an average GPA of 2.0, they will be required to present their progress report to a head coach each semester. If the athlete is struggling academically, we will offer them help for the first 30 minutes of practice to focus on their academics with a certified parent volunteer. 
    • All players are required to participate in at least 2 practices per week to play in a full game. If the player has 2 unexcused (without a doctor’s note) within one week that player will sit out for the first half of the game. If a player misses more than 2 practices within a week that player will sit out for the entire duration of the game.
    • Each team is to have 2 team moms on the sidelines during each game to assist coaches with water and snacks during halftime. It will be the coaches responsibility to choose their teams' moms for that season. It is required that EACH parent pay the team mom $25 before the first game of the season to help toward snack costs. 

    • All equipment must be turned in at the end of the last week of practice. If equipment is not received, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of any and all equipment kept, with the credit card used at the time of registration.
    • ALL parents must contribute 2 volunteer hours per season, chain gang, concessions, athlete academic time, etc. Each parent must complete a background check before volunteering. Team moms are counted as volunteers and are not required to complete the mentioned volunteer hours. We do offer a limited amount of volunteer buyouts per season in the amount of $100, please see our standing volunteer coordinator for any further information. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you via email to discuss your volunteer placement.